The 21 Scariest Things a Procurement Pro Could Hear

This post, written by Jonathan Messinger, originally appeared on Public Spend Forum


We thought it might be a fun Halloween trick and treat to ask our network of procurement pros and analysts for the most terrifying words that could be spoken to a procurement practitioner, public or private sector. Many of these came from our friends on LinkedIn, so be sure to join our group over there, where we discuss PSF stories more in-depth, and occasionally horrify each other with the unholy utterances of colleagues:

  1. “So I told the supplier, we’re more interested in service and quality than cost…”
  2. “Oh, you don’t need a PO. Here’s the invoice, just pay it.”
  3. “We thought we would save time so we skipped doing a formal contract, but these guys are great.”
  4. “Hi, my name is Susan and I am from Corporate and here to help you!”
  5. “Sure! We definitely have an NDA in place with them, I think?”
  6. “The CEO wants you to talk to someone senior at British Airways. His apple strudel was cold on the flight back from Vienna last night.” (absolutely true)
  7. “The regulations are only for guidance, anyway!”
  8. “So, I heard that you told Finance how much to take out of my budget next year.”


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