Working With Procurement Consultants: Sourcing, Implementation & Getting the “A” Team [PRO]

PWC’s recent announcement of its intent to acquire Booz and Co (see our coverage here and here) got us thinking about how significant a disconnect there is between those on the inside of the consulting world (including former consulting geeks like us) and those who tend to buy services, especially in the operations and procurement areas – and most important, how that disconnect prevents companies from getting the best value from the firms they partner with. Even those who run P&Ls or companies that also used to work for consulting firms after their MBAs are often too detached on the tactical level from what it takes to get the most out of a team (unless they’ve developed a truly stellar relationship with a partner whom has got their back on multiple levels – but more on this in a minute). Today, we’ll share some secrets of the trade in getting the most from working with procurement and operations consultants.

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