What Does Supplier Diversity Mean for Procurement? [Plus+]

Freshly returned from last week’s NMSDC conference in San Antonio, Spend Matters analyst Thomas Kase will give a webinar this Friday, 11/8, from 10-10:30am Central to answer all of the burning supplier diversity questions from Spend Matters Plus and PRO members. Thomas says: “From sell-side contractual obligations, to buy-side policy requirements, to broader philosophical strategies, we will take a quick look at how procurement and supplier diversity overlap. Some of the main certifying organizations such as NMSDC will be mentioned, as well as IT solution and service providers focused on meeting corporate procurement and data reporting needs. We’ll also chat a bit about providers like ConnXus, Early Morning Software, CVM Solutions (Kroll), AECsoft USA (SciQuest), Supplier Gateway & DIR, VIVA IT, and Browz.” Click on through to register!

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