SMART by GEP: A Big New Mobile Bet On Procurement

Last week, GEP, a procurement solutions provider, announced the latest in the mobile salvo when it unveiled its “SMART” procurement platform that is “native to cloud, mobile, and touch technologies.” We’ll be getting a full demonstration of the solution in the coming weeks and will withhold deeper analysis and perspective until we’ve had a chance to play in the sandbox with SMART by GEP. But for now, we’ll share some highlights of the mobile components of this new platform (and some screenshots that GEP showed us).

In the company's own words, “SMART by GEP enables users to work … on any device [such as] tablet, mobile phone, laptop or PC … [through] multi-tasking and flexible workflow … [and] functionality and features [that] are natively integrated, so data can be shared or moved fluidly.” Adding to the platform is “a repository of tools, templates, scorecards, and checklists” for users on the go – or behind a traditional desktop or notebook environment.

Explaining this platform fully requires digging into the platform itself (stay tuned for this), as the launch is more than just the introduction of mobile capabilities on top of an existing procurement suite. Yet the mobile components are what have gotten our attention, in part because few providers are doing more than hedging their mobile bets at this point, as opposed to fully embracing mobile as the sourcing, contract, buying, and supplier management standard of the future.

Along with niche specialist Vroozi (which has recently done some pretty nifty mobile things as well), GEP has joined a somewhat small group of providers that are embracing mobile as the future of procurement rather than just a feature of a broader suite. We’ll leave you with an initial screen from the reporting and analytics components of GEP as shown in a tablet format, below (and will share some more details tomorrow).

gep smart

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  1. Tahj Bomar:

    Where can I find your system review of SMART by GEP? Thanks

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