Produce Packaging Demand to Grow 3.3% Yearly, USPS Fiscal Year Loss Narrows to $5 Billion

Consumer demand for convenience is driving up the demand for produce packaging, estimated to grow 3.3% a year through 2017.

The U.S. Postal Service’s 2013 fiscal-year loss narrowed to $5 billion from nearly $16 billion last year, in part due to growth in its shipping business.

“Federal Tech Talk” host John Gilroy interviews Dwight Gibbs and Scott Keough of Contraqer on the challenges faced by federal contracting.

McDonald’s acknowledges that introducing Premium McWraps, Egg White Delight McMuffins, blueberry pomegranate smoothies (stop snickering), and new Quarter Pounders in a matter of four months may have been too much.

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