Supply Risk Management: Summarizing Where Things Go Wrong

This post is based on the following FreeMarkets white paper (published in 2003) co-authored by Jason Busch and Mark Clouse, Global Supply Management: Strategies for Identifying and Managing Supply Risk. I recently dusted off the paper for my own research into supplier relationship management and found an analysis that was nearly every bit as relevant then as now. Enjoy! And since it’s not available online, drop us an email if you’d like a copy.

Today, we're examining the types of supply risk companies face and the business drivers behind each. Based upon our analysis and experience in working with companies across thousands of sourcing and supply management projects, we’ve grouped supply risk into five major types: strategy risk, demand risk, market risk, implementation risk, and performance risk.

Supply risk chart

Curious? Drop Sydney a line ( and we’ll send you out a copy of this dusty old analysis! Some topics are timeless. And supply risk is one of them.

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