Don’t Discount the “Wow” Or Umami Factor in Procurement Solutions – A Chef’s Checklist [PRO]

In the world of procurement technology (and technology in general for that matter – think the original iPhone and IOs) there are certain solutions that have brought umami qualities and truly helped them stand out from the crowd. Like in cooking, it’s a “wow” factor that separates out certain approaches and capabilities from the pack without ever being directly comparable in a feature/function manner to others. We could name names, but it’s better to know in the buying process whether the procurement technology has umami. So here’s a checklist of questions to ask yourself. And we can’t hesitate to also toss in a list of providers we think have the umami qualities — as well as a couple of solutions that do not (hint: does “15 clicks to buy” ring a bell?) Spend Matters PRO subscribers can click through to read the full text.

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