Our Most Popular Ask the Expert Webinars– Now Recorded and in the Research Library!

We recently began a series of video replays of our most popular Ask the Expert webinars. If you are a Plus or PRO subscriber who could not make it to Pierre Mitchell’s “Procurement Bill of Rights” webinar or ask Peter Smith how to improve your negotiation skills, these videos are for you. Below are links to some of our favorite webinar recordings that have also been reader favorites.

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Ask the Expert: SAP and Ariba One Year Later

Jason Busch and Pierre Mitchell ponder why there isn’t a complete vision and customer understanding of SAP/Ariba’s joint roadmap, and wonder if SAP/Ariba will become more flexible as they move forward together.

Ask the Expert: Negotiation Skills – Brushing Up on Your BATNA

Peter Smith walks through the difference between bargaining and principled negotiation, the key ways to “get to yes,” the real strength of your BATNA (best alternative to your negotiated agreement)? What do you do if you’re not a “natural” negotiator? …and then he’ll tackle your stickiest negotiation situations.

Ask the Expert: Top Ten Benchmarks in Procurement

Pierre Mitchell answers some big questions: What’s the good, bad, and ugly around procurement benchmarking? What metrics should you consider, and what are the pros and cons of each? If you can only pick 1-2 benchmarks to consider, what should they be? What are the top industry trends?

And the most recent:

Ask the Expert: Your Procurement Bill of Rights 

Pierre Mitchell expands upon his Procurement Bill of Rights series. He explains exactly why a Bill of Rights is important right now, including re-visiting the first principles of the founding fathers (and extending them), leveling the playing field, how supplier/business/B2B networks are blurring the lines between applications and re-tooled marketplaces, and much, much more.

There are more coming, so check back in the next few weeks!

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