Geospatial Category & Supplier Management: Exploring Sourcemap (Part 1)

As they say, a picture can tell a thousand words. Such is the case with pictures – maps, really – of the supply chain. Last week, we examined why this was the case in the post We Predict that Geospatial Category & Supplier Management Will Go Mainstream In 2014. We also explained why we think that map-based views into supply chain and supply risk activities will take off next year. Today, we're going to begin to explore one of the niftiest providers in the space we’ve seen, Sourcemap. This post comes courtesy of content from our UK/Europe colleague Peter Smith, as well as Leonardo Bonanni, the founder and CEO of Sourcemap, who shared a number of attention grabbing screens from his geospatial visualization solution toolkit.

In Sourcemap – mapping and understanding supply chains, Peter notes:

Sourcemap is a software platform that helps organizations map, understand and manage their wider supply chains. It also enables them to go beyond conventional communication methods and use social media, crowd-sourcing to gain greater commitment and understanding of supply chain initiatives … [Bonanni’s] initial vision was a website that physically mapped organizations supply chains. Firms were invited to enter their own supply chain details into the Sourcemap website, which would display the results. Suppliers or others could then add detail to the maps and expand on the supply chain knowledge – crowd sourcing, if you like. The idea was to open up firms’ corporate social responsibility actions to greater scrutiny and enable firms to enlist help in increasing their own knowledge of those supply chains.

In the initial round of efforts, Peter observes:

Over 6000 contributors took him up on that proposition, and entered their details onto the website. But then Bonanni increasingly found firms asking him how they could use the platform internally to look at and manage better their own supply chains. They wanted to see what their own map looked like, without necessarily sharing it with everyone. Some started with a pretty good view – others had “no clue”. So Sourcemap developed an Enterprise version of the tool, allowing users to map the supply life cycle, and include energy, waste, water usage, shipping distances, even adding audit results and other supplier information to the maps.

This enterprise solution “can then be used to look at the geographical spread of suppliers, consider the vulnerability of the supply chain to natural disasters, and look at sustainability aspects such as 'food miles' or carbon usage through the supply chain.”

Sounds as interesting to you as it does to us? Check out the screen captures below and we promise you’ll be even more intrigued.

Screenshot 2013-11-25 13.30.34

Screenshot 2013-11-25 13.25.59

Screenshot 2013-11-25 13.20.10

Screenshot 2013-11-25 13.19.51

Screenshot 2013-11-01 17.57.16

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