GEP and Hubwoo: A Signal Of Significant Network Change and Evolution to Come in 2014 [Plus+]

Yesterday Pierre Mitchell covered the newly announced partnership between GEP and Hubwoo, a deal that essentially brings together a SaaS products vendor (and broader BPO and solutions provider, although that part is less relevant) with a supplier connectivity and network specialist, making it easier for the customers of each to tap into the capabilities of the other. Today, Jason Busch looks at the implications of the partnership, calling for a number of additional partnerships to come in 2014, as well as some potential surprises given the natural benefits of such combinations. Some of these could end up forcing Ariba and SAP’s hand to develop more of a network democracy or federation model rather than a proprietary, closed business, and technical operating model. Read on for these predictions, covering Oracle, Ariba/SAP, and more.

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