Oracle and Ariba/SAP, Supply Intelligence, Vroozi: Best of 2013’s Technology Coverage

From individual “Vendor Snapshots” to overarching viewpoints on where the sector’s technology has been and where we see it going, this is one of our favorite areas to explore here at Spend Matters — and one where we are proud of providing original thought, insightful analyses, and unbiased opinion. Hedge, obfuscate, or pander? Never.

Vroozi: Funny Name, Serious P2P Mobile (and Other) Business – One of the true joys of covering technology is coming across young companies that are passionate about what they do. Vroozi’s roots seem simple: providing a lightweight, easy-to-use alternative P2P shopping and requisitioning experience with significant focus on integration into supplier catalogs and general catalog management (i.e., think about P2P built around managing supplier data and you’ll get the point). But Vroozi is more than this – much more.

Expanding on FreeMarkets’ Legacy: Enrich and Surrounding the Oracle Procurement Ecosystem – Since FreeMarkets (where Jason Busch used to work), the procurement services market has moved in many directions. Enrich was formed when e-Three, led by FreeMarkets alumni James Anthony and Jenny Saward, merged with Enrich IT, led by Arul Murugan. Having started out delivering essentially a lower-cost version of FreeMarkets’ FullSource offering (think reverse auctions and all the assistance that goes along with running a fully managed event, including the market making service), e-Three eventually grew into a firm that had standardized on Oracle as a procurement back-end for sourcing, while keeping up its sourcing events business.

A Disruptive Force is Coming in Supply Intelligence: Rage Frameworks – You heard it here first. Doug Cutting, one of the co-founders of Hadoop, said of Google that it’s “living a few years in the future and sending the rest of us messages.” That comment resonated with Pierre Mitchell when he met up with the team behind Rage Frameworks, a small firm located in the Boston area.

Procurement Wars: Oracle and Ariba/SAP (Beyond Thunderdome) – Jason Busch attended Oracle’s first annual Value Chain Summit this past February, and the event highlighted for him the different approaches that Oracle is taking relative to Ariba/SAP in delivering solutions for the procurement market. In essence, Oracle is trying to open up a new front in the procurement technology wars (ironically, where they rarely compete head-to-head against SAP, although Ariba is another story).

Impressions of blur Group: Is a Bubble Forming around Procurement Solutions? – Blur positions everything it does under the umbrella of “Services Commerce or S-Commerce.” The team believes it is creating a new market of sorts that could be a “Services Amazon,” in their words to us. It’s ambitious, but there’s a problem with this argument in large part because a gigantic market for general services procurement and highly specialized category procurement already exists.

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