MOD GoCo Gets the Dead Parrot Treatment: Best of Peter Smith

Christmas and 2014 are almost here, so it's again "Best Of" time on Spend Matters. It gives us the chance to take a break from work and look back at our best posts from this soon-to-be-over year. This time around, we're compiling best posts from each contributor for a healthy amount of individual recognition. Here are some posts written by Peter Smith this year that are not to be missed.

MOD GoCo – pining for the fiords?

An excerpt:

Pet Shop Owner (B. Gray, esq.): Morning, how can I help?

Philip Hammond: I wish to make a complaint.

BG: We’re closed for equalities training. And Lent.

PH: Never mind that my lad. I’m the Minister. I wish to complain about this Government Owned, Contractor Operated competition for Defence Equipment and Support what I purchased not half an hour ago from this very boutique.

BG: Ooh yes, he’s a lovely GoCo isn’t he. What’s wrong with it?

PH: I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it, my lad. It’s dead, that’s what’s wrong with it…

UK Government savings – procurement contributes £3.8B in 2012/13

One Monday morning this summer, Peter put on a suit and tie and joined the journalists and financial analysts in the Treasury Horseguards building, where the UK government was holding a briefing on the Efficiency and Reform cost savings program and its 2012/13 results.

Exclusive! UBS Procurement outsource / spin-off: Will it raise governance questions?

UBS, the global financial services giant, announced last month that they are outsourcing a large part of their procurement activities, currently sitting in the Supply and Demand Management (SDM) unit, to an organisation called Chain IQ.

NHS procurement strategy published – worth the wait!

The long-awaited UK National Health Service (NHS) Procurement “strategy” was published in August, titled “Better Procurement, Better Value, Better Care: A Procurement Development Programme for the NHS.” Peter breaks down the main points.

Francis Maude speaks – is the Minister for procurement an enemy of procurement?

“Commissioning is about much more than procurement, it is about knowing the market of potential suppliers. Procurement is the relatively narrow and should be very short technical part in the middle and contract management – where we have too few people … who have confidence and knowledge to engage with the market of suppliers and then have the capability to manage contracts after they have been awarded….”

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