Best of Thomas Kase: Supplier Diversity, e-Procurement,, and Ventra

Today for "Best Of," the analyst in honor is Thomas Kase, who recently led an interesting debate on this blog with the NMSDC on supplier diversity. One of the posts from that exchange is included below. Enjoy!

Supplier Diversity—What Certifying Organizations & Corporations Should Be Doing -- Supporting SMWBEs and corporate supplier diversity professionals is what many diversity-focused advocacy organizations do. In addition to the “big” names like NMSDC, WBENC, WBOC, MBDA, SBA, and ISM, there are several hundred others. How is this work carried out, and why is it relevant to companies and their procurement organizations?

Without Trust in the Digital Handshake, What Will Happen to e-Procurement? – “In my previous life in selling, supporting, and consulting around sourcing solutions, I came across several non-US companies that were concerned with the prospect of storing their data on servers in the US. Lately, I have seen more and more providers pitching hybrid cloud solutions where the web front end is hosted here in the US, but the database behind it sits outside US and EU jurisdictions – in Switzerland for example.”

How Will Nelson Mandela’s Death Impact South African Politics, Business, and the Procurement Sector? – “With the next South African general elections coming up soon – in the April-July period of 2014 – the timing of Mandela’s passing allows for little time for the country to adjust to life post-Mandela before going to the polls.” Thomas surveys a number of South African contacts involved in supply chain and procurement to find out what current sentiments are like.

Can SaaS Software and Healthcare Ever Work Together? – “Considering the current mess with the website and related aspects of putting wheels on the Obamacare bandwagon, I thought I’d bring in my perspective from complex procurement solution implementations. Since this involves the government, I’ll (somewhat ironically) have to label this a conservative (aka old school) software rollout.”

Ventra is Coming Soon, and So is Being Taken For a Ride on Public Transit in Chicago – Thomas takes on Chicago’s new payment system for the CTA and breaks down its complicated fee structure.


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