Best of Jason Busch: Technology, Google Blacklist, and Procurement in Plain English

From interviews with industry leaders to explaining procurement in plain English, here are some of Jason Busch's best posts from 2013.

Tradeshift, CapitalAid, and Supplier Financing: Christian Lanng Speaks Out on OB10 and More – Back in September, Jason conducted an interview with Christian Lanng, CEO of Tradeshift, after the company’s announced deal with CapitalAid. In the first of the multi-part series, Christian talks about OB10 and Tungsten and declares that OB10 shareholders would be better off with Tradeshift.

The Google Site Blacklist: When Your Website Disappears – “Earlier this week, I spoke to a friend whose business was recently blacklisted by Google. Some call this the ‘Google death sentence,’ as he told me. This site could be described as a niche supplier directory with direct ties to the procurement sector. One day, it had hundreds of thousands of inbound Google links and generated thousands of page views from Google every week, if not every day. When my friend woke up the next day, he noticed site traffic had dropped off materially. And when he dug into the issue, he realized nearly all traces of his site on Google had vanished, including all of the individual page indexes.”

Accenture Closes Procurian Deal: May the 2014 Procurement BPO “Hunger Games” Begin – What does procurement have to do with the Hunger Games? In this post co-authored with Pierre Mitchell, Jason compares the Accenture and Procurian deal to the popular book and movie series, speculating that the deal will set off a M&A death match in the procurement BPO world.

Putting Procurement in Plain English: Let’s Start with P2P – Jason tackles the basic questions of what problems does eProcurement solve, what challenges and opportunities do companies face without eProcurement, and what problems are typically not well addressed today by these solutions.

Coupa 10 Launches, Features New Sourcing App and Substantial Invoicing Improvements – “Coupa 10 proves this cat is real, and has much larger teeth than many bigger animals in the procurement vendor forest. The combination of big improvements to invoicing and a new sourcing application in a single release – combined with the shopping improvements – is what sold us on this new Darwinian development.”

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