Best of Everything Else: Procurement Applied to Wedding Planning, Black Friday Shopping, and Turntables

One of the obstacles one encounters while putting together these “Best Of” posts concerns excellent posts that don’t fit into any neat category. Some can be subcategorized by “Procurement Best Practices as Used in Purchasing Alcohol for Social or Personal Functions” or “Drinks in General,” the latter covering booze and coffee. But what about buying vinyl? Or remembrances of procurement challenges past? To close out 2013, here are the “best of” oddball posts from a range of contributors.

Sheena Moore Got Hitched: Applying Procurement Best Practices to Wedding Planning – In this only slightly tongue-in-cheek post, Sheena shared what she’s learned from months of wedding planning and put together a guide for using what you know about systems management, supplier management, and sourcing to have a fun, memorable wedding without, to be specific and blunt about it, spending the $28,427 that is the average cost for a wedding in Chicago.

Audiophilia – Optimizing Spend on Turntables – It all started with an office email thread on turntables earlier this year (Who knew there were so many vinyl aficionados at Spend Matters?). Bill Busch, being somewhat of an expert on this, agreed to write a series of posts on vinyl procurement and all that related, sparking long and rather impassioned comments.

Confessions of a Former SaaS Fundamentalist – Paul Noel of Ivalua used to be a regular columnist on Spend Matters, so we were especially excited to have him back and writing an account of way back when Ariba Buyer was transforming into a SaaS solution.

One Procurement Professional’s Tale of Strategic Black Friday ShoppingGEP’s Abinaya Govindarajan wrote this guest post for us in early December, in which she outlined a plan of attack for taking advantage of Black Friday sales. Being someone who works in procurement, she analyzed the supply market and came up with a “sourcing strategy.” Read on to see how it turned out.

Oh, the places that procurement practices will take you. That is the takeaway of this post on posts. Happy New Year—we shall see you in 2014!

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