Bike-Share Supplier Files for Bankruptcy, Airlines Invest in Fuel-Efficient Planes, Pinterest to Sell Ads

Public Bike System Co., the main equipment and technology supplier for bike-sharing systems in the U.S., has filed for bankruptcy.

Airlines are ordering new planes in record numbers, in the hopes that the investment in fuel-efficient aircraft will pay off in the long term.

The malicious software behind Target’s security breach spent nearly a year evolving in the Internet’s black markets since it first appeared in January 2013, with a price tag of $2,000.

Pinterest will begin bringing in advertisers, generating as much as $500 million in 2016.


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  1. Thomas Kase:

    The “Public Bike System Co” bankruptcy – inevitable – I can’t see how any system like that won’t succumb to the tragedy of the commons. Like a dorm kitchen – or the office fridge – it needs a martinet in charge or it will fall apart. In the 2-wheeled case, a steady stream of taxpayer funds can obviously keep them rolling, but not in a cost-effective manner.

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