eProcurement Webinar: Vendor Shortlists and Negotiation Tips!

Tomorrow I’ll be hosting a quick “pop-up” webinar for procurement practitioners (and consultants / vendors who are Plus or PRO subscribers). The webinar is titled 2014 eProcurement Forecast and Customer Recommendations and will be taking place from 10:00-10:30 AM CT tomorrow, that is, Friday, January 24. Of course this means I’ll probably put my editorial and production team in a panic by finishing my slides at 9:55 AM, but they would not have signed up to work with our eleventh hour driven research team if they did not know what they were getting into.

But regardless, I do promise good things! My talk will include sharing some high-level selection strategies, vendor shortlists, and negotiation tips for buying eProcurement solutions.

Here’s a quick preview of two snippets from our deeper PRO research in the topic:

[Invest the time] to ascertain the importance of heavy configuration requirements in your deployment as early as possible (versus more “vanilla” approaches). This will likely determine the right implementation / deployment approach and the resulting shortlist of vendors. Don’t forget to give System Integrators (SIs) a thorough vetting as well – these are overlooked when it comes to ERP rollouts as they can make hash of the best ERP-based procurement solutions.

Have a long shortlist and don’t award business too quickly. Significant price negotiation is often possible in competitive situations – more so in certain cases than other procurement technology areas. We have seen savings as much as …% from first round quotes in certain cases in highly competitive situations (…% is a more likely outcome, however).

Which vendors are on our various shortlists? Here’s a quick preview:

Ariba Buyer/P2P, SAP SRM (if you can still find it!), PeopleSoft SRM, Oracle iProcurement, Oracle Fusion, Basware, Coupa, SciQuest, GEPWALLMEDIEN, Simeno, Vinimaya, IBX/Capgemini and Hubwoo, Ivalua, Verian, Intenda, Unimarket,Science Warehouse, Wax Digital, Proactis, b-pack, Gatewit, Vortal, Fullstepand MyBiz, just to name a few.

To learn about our specific shortlists (and much, much more) regarding eProcurement in full, see also:

And join us tomorrow for our webinar overview on the topic!

Register here: 2014 eProcurement Forecast and Customer Recommendations

As a reminder, all procurement practitioners can register for free. Consultants, vendors, investors, and others can work with our client services team to sign up for a Plus/PRO trial to our research (as well as this webinar or a replay if it’s too late), if they’re interested in learning more about becoming subscribers. Register via the site and we’ll be in touch.

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