A Trade Financing Matters Post Round-Up for the Spend Matters Crowd

Our newest sister site Trade Financing Matters had its official launch not too long ago, but it is in fact over a month old, with the inaugural post having been published on December 30, 2013. Since then, a number of posts have followed, pertaining to trade credit under the two main categories of payable-centric and receivable-centric solutions. Here’s a round-up of posts that may be of interest particularly to Spend Matters readers.

It’s Not About the Technology – “When it comes to credit, it’s about a lot of things other than technology. It’s about understanding liens and covenants and bank loans. It’s about understanding there is both cost of origination as well as monitoring what you originate.”

The Supplier as a Lender – “Most companies may not realize that by providing goods and services to buyers, their payment terms provide a form of a loan to their buyers. This loan, or trade credit, be the largest user of capital for most businesses. Customer demand for trade credit requires sellers to provide free and flexible funding for their customers.”

Supply Chain Finance Programs Find Unlikely Anchors—State Governments – “If you are a vendor to any municipal, state or the federal government, you know getting paid can be painful! Well, if you are a vendor to the State of Illinois, it can even be risky… But a new program put in place for about a year to deal with the chronic late payment from the state is now helping many vendors.”

The World According to Big Buyers – “Large global corporations like Nestle, Unilever, Anheuser-Busch InBev, and Kraft buy billions of dollars of ingredients, commodities, chemicals, and indirects (e.g. legal, transportation, marketing) in order to make their brands. Their payment terms create receivables on their suppliers’ balance sheets.”

But the ultimate stamp of belonging to the Spend Matters Network family is the requisite post on a pub crawl in London with Peter Smith. TFM checked that off the list by February 1, and SM applauds the precocity. See below:

Pubs, Tubes, and Cheap Money—Crossflow – “I was in London this week, and besides great pubs, great Indian food, weather similar to my hometown of Vancouver, and a Tube system second to none (you don’t need to exercise with all the walking you do underground), I had the pleasure of meeting Spend Matters UK editor Peter Smith.”

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