Exploring Coupa’s Growth Beyond the Numbers: The Hidden Things Signal What’s Next (Part 2) [Plus+]

Earlier today, I began to explore some of the more interesting facts and figures beneath the surface of Coupa’s 2013 growth metrics, some of which the fast-growing procurement cloud vendor shared in a press release from this morning. In the analysis, I looked at some of the numbers and stories beyond the press release, including adoption of Coupa’s non-eProcurement modules (e.g., eInvoicing, sourcing, analytics, T&E.) by new customers. And I also explored the Coupa consultant/systems integration partner ecosystem and how this is playing a role in customer deployments. In this afternoon’s Spend Matters Plus analysis, I’ll continue this exploration based on discussions yesterday with Coupa’s Rob Bernshteyn, focusing on Coupa’s global expansion, adoption interest (outside the US), and public vs. private sector uptake. I’ll also include general observations on Coupa’s performance in the market.

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