Supplier Management Webinar: Ten Stealth Procurement Enablement Tricks That Are Very Nice!

Psstt! We know some of you are on the fence regarding making supplier management investments beyond the CYA sort. Trust us – don’t be. Tomorrow, from 1:00 to 2:00 PM CT, we’ll be covering a bunch of them during the Spend Matters webinar, 10 Ways Supplier Management is a Stealth Enabler for Procurement, A/P, and Risk Management.

For some, supplier management can be an acquired taste. We’ll admit it ourselves—supplier management technology alone is about as sexy as Borat in his mankini.

"Supplier management -- it's very nice."

"Supplier management -- it's very nice."

But we challenge you name one other area of investment within the procurement and supply chain solution landscape that can be such an enabler for improving a diverse set of business outcomes, while standing on its own from a business case standpoint. Consider just a few areas for which supplier management can be a stealth enabler for (we’ll cover them in depth in the webinar):

  1. Accounts payable efficiency and effectiveness (including reducing the cost to manage suppliers, having accurate information to drive program effectiveness, and reducing the possibility of fraud or duplicate payments)
  2. Supplier and supply chain risk management (supplier financial risk, geographic risk, “black swan” events, etc.)
  3. Enhancing e-invoicing programs and initiatives
  4. Driving eProcurement technology deployments to increase spend under management
  5. Reducing supplier compliance risk (indirect and direct procurement)
  6. Reducing supplier compliance risk (services procurement)
  7. Supplier performance management (SPM) and quality programs
  8. Supplier development and supplier innovation programs
  9. Trade financing (receivables financing and payables financing) to help organizations put their balance sheet to work or to tap third-party sources of capital to fund early payment discounting programs for suppliers that are actually effective for all participants

10. A secret stealth initiative to clean one hand’s of dirty supplier data at the source (see photo…)

Girls Combing Curls

Just kidding on that last point.

This webinar is free for all procurement practitioners to attend, as well as all Spend Matters Plus/PRO subscribers. Can’t make it? Sign up and we’ll send you the replay details to watch on your own schedules – just register and we’ll send you the details. For technology vendors and services providers who are not yet Plus/PRO members, please feel free to sign up and we’ll get you started on a research trial to research so you can watch the live event or replay.

For everyone, here’s the link: 10 Ways Supplier Management is a Stealth Enabler for Procurement, A/P, and Risk Management

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