Kickstarter Hacked, Angela Merkel Backs EU Internet, Groupon Honors Hamilton on Presidents Day

Popular crowd-funding site Kickstarter was hacked over the weekend, but no credit card information had been stolen.

Angela Merkel said she would support a EU Internet to protect data from US spying, a scenario that sounds rather similar to what Thomas Kase suggested back in September.

The British are drinking 23 percent less beer than a decade ago, and the traditional pub has been hard hit.

Groupon “celebrates Presidents Day by honoring Alexander Hamilton” with $10 off local deals above $40, calling Hamilton “undeniably one of our greatest presidents.” Is it a joke? Like the true nature of the relationship between Hamilton and John Laurens, we’ll never know.

John Laurens, watercolor on ivory by Charles Wilson Peale

John Laurens, watercolor on ivory by Charles Wilson Peale


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  1. Tabatha:

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    1. Sydney Lazarus:

      And then what happened?

      1. Nick @ Market Dojo:

        Ha, ha! To leave us on a cliff-hanger like that, how cruel!

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