A Relationship That Should Never Have Happened: P2P (eProcurement and E-Invoicing) [Plus+]

Over the years, I’ve sat through hundreds of presentations from vendors, consultants, and practitioners promising a nirvana that can only come from the close linkage of eProcurement and e-invoicing technology with procurement and accounts payable organizations – a collective yoking of two distinct groups of products (and two distinct functions often along with supplier network connectivity). It has come to be known as the purchase-to-pay (P2P) market. But let me come right out and shoot the elephant in the room now – there is no single P2P market (unless you count “peer to peer” as part of the equation). P2P is dead. And it’s about time to bury it for good. Note: this post is part of “P2P” week on Spend Matters, in which we offer incendiary and opposing views on the topic of P2P in the spirit of debate – along with lots of other goodies as well. Check back each day as the arguments fly back and forth between the Spend Matters analysts – and our readers.

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