Coca-Cola to Cut $1B in Expenses, Illinois Reverses Prison Procurement Rules, Flying to Mars for Cheap

Coca-Cola aims to cut $1 billion in annual costs by 2016, reducing supply and data-management expenses to offset slipping demand and profits.

The state of Illinois has backtracked on earlier changes in the procurement of snacks, toiletries, and other goods sold to prison inmates, as they gave big suppliers an unfair advantage.

NASA recently sent off a spacecraft to Mars, a five-year project that cost $671 million. India’s Mars mission, however, came out to a thrifty $75 million, “a triumph of low-cost Indian engineering.”

The US-based Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) software provider NetMotion Wireless has announced plans for international expansion, which will include new European headquarters in Windsor, UK.

According to a new UN report, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un has outdone his papa in lavish spending, which includes dropping $1 million a year on importing cognac.

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