How I’d Bring P2P Together – Coupa and Vinimaya Have the Right Ideas [Plus+]

Earlier this week, I argued that purchase-to-pay (P2P) systems should stand apart, suggesting that “the problem with P2P is not the fact that there is a business case to link eProcurement and e-invoicing (really indirect transactional procurement and accounts payable together) … but the fundamental challenge is that there is not a one-to-one map between the areas in terms of spend type or function.” There are of course numerous other issues as well that I explored in the essay, some of which really get even more at the heart of the matter. But in an ideal world, we could overcome these with a new type of “buying front-end” that would capture all of the spending flowing through our organizations vs. just a subset of it and then link this activity (including PO, non-PO and “post approval” card spending) to corresponding payables and treasury activities consistently. This is clearly not the world of P2P today. But it could be. And two very different vendors collectively have the right vision here that could make it happen: Coupa and Vinimaya.

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