Of Lox Bagels and Free Research Downloads

A few months ago, we decided to really boost Spend Matters Plus and PRO, which led to, first off, more in-depth Plus and PRO research. And tired analysts and higher expectations and a whole lot of editorial planning—but we hope our Plus and PRO readers have been happy.

But as you may have guessed from the title, this post isn’t about Plus/PRO—it’s about free research downloads and lox bagels. For our readers who are not Plus or PRO subscribers, there is still plenty of top-notch, free research from our team. I want to point you to a few new ones that are all free.

Thomas Kase recently wrote a research brief titled Supplier Diversity – What Cerifying Organizations & Corporations Should Be Doing. There are hundreds of organizations that support SMWBEs (Small, Minority, Women Owned Business Enterprises) beyond the big name ones like NMSDC, WBENC, and so forth. Thomas tackles two big questions regarding their work: How is it carried out? And why is it relevant to companies and their procurement organizations?

Peter Smith looks into the general uneasy feeling that the procurement industry is at a crossroads in his Why is Procurement Suffering from a Crisis of Confidence? Is there anything procurement professionals can do to overcome it? This is a must-read for anyone working in procurement.

And we finally come to Supply Management Perspectives and Implications for Increased LNG Export Levels, a report based on a study of the potential impact of American LNG exports on energy prices and the manufacturing sector. Manufacturers weighed in on what they think will happen to LNG prices and volatility if the U.S. allows unlimited LNG exports, the importance of low-cost energy for a U.S. manufacturing resurgence, and more.

This report was a team effort by the Institute for Supply Management (ISM), Spend Matters, MetalMiner, and the lox bagel. To encourage manufacturers to take the survey, MetalMiner's Raul De Frutos promised a lox bagel to anyone for whom the survey took more than five minutes. Why a bagel with lox? Apparently the breakfast staple (which hails from New York) so impressed the forecasting analyst (who hails from Cádiz, Spain) during last October’s conference (Hotel Sax, Chicago) that it made him question his usual “cereals for breakfast.”

So there you have it. Three free research reports on a wide range of topics, an anecdote about bagels, and my colleague’s breakfast habits—never say Spend Matters doesn’t aim for breadth.

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