SciQuest NextLevel Analysis: What Will Take the Company Beyond Being a Collection of Cool Assets? [Plus+]

In the past few years, SciQuest has proven its ability to acquire, at low to reasonable valuations (compared to market), an outstanding set of specialized assets in the classification/analytics, sourcing, contract management, and supplier management areas. Not all of these deals have been without hiccups, but the Upside, CombineNet and Spend Radar acquisitions will go down in the corporate development hall of fame for procurement and supply chain. And I don’t say this lightly, having been involved myself in dozens of deals over the years. But now it’s time for all of us (SciQuest included) to get past the cool assortment of assets and look at how this source-to-pay amalgam of a “suite vendor” (which should in principle denote an integrated suite) can help shape the procurement market rather than just capture share within it.

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