How to Engage Better with Your Suppliers – An Asian View [Plus+]

The final day of the ProcureCon Asia conference wrapped up with a master class day under the theme “motivating suppliers to think strategically.” It was delivered by the cheerful and insightful Chris Gallagher, Managing Director of CIPS in Australasia. The morning started out with a discussion on how to segment suppliers – the classic Peter Kraljic model – and how to best engage with suppliers according to where they wound up in this grid. Other theoretical foundations brought up included the Power Matrix (essentially describing who needs whom more in the supplier-buyer relationship), and also the “Dark Side” grid or the supplier’s view of a buying organization. It’s essentially a salesman’s guide to how to size up opportunities and develop negotiation strategies that will defeat a buyer. Read on for both what buyers should stop doing and what buyers should continue doing or do more of.

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