Webinar: A True Tale of Rapid Sourcing Success with Oracle EBS and Enrich

Getting a new ERP system is great – once it’s up and running. And that’s is probably a year or two out, or more...

Reality more or less stipulates that procurement is last in line to get stood up, but finance doesn’t wait for anyone, so how can you deliver savings now without jeopardizing the long-term ERP strategy?

We’re holding a webinar next Thursday from 1 to 2 PM CDT with George Zullo from NBTY, a $3 billion nutrition and retail company. George is the Director of Sourcing & Procurement Continuous Improvement there, and he’ll be joining us to share his success story of rapidly deploying Oracle E-Business Suite Sourcing and Spend Visibility modules in a SaaS format, with assistance from Enrich.

George’s team managed to come up with $20 million in identified savings before their IT department had even rolled out Oracle Financials. His first Oracle sourcing event went live within the first 90 days after signing on with Enrich – an impressive speed of execution considering the timeline normally involved.

George will share his lessons from this project and talk about the positive and negative surprises that came up during the process. And I will provide an overview of the core differentiators between a regular on-premise delivery of Oracle EBS versus getting Oracle EBS in a SaaS package from Enrich. You will find out what remains the same, what is different, and whether there are any tradeoffs with this delivery approach.

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