The Spend Matters Almanac 50/50 Lists Are Here: Providers to Know for 2014

The Spend Matters Almanac Top 50/50 lists are finally here! We’re excited to announce both our Top 50 Providers to Know and Top 50 Providers to Watch. The Top 50 Providers to Know are all members of the old procurement guard.  Simply put, they’re companies you should already know about if you are in the procurement profession.

If you’re not already familiar with the Top 50 to Know, don't worry. That’s why we’ve curated the list for you. But do invest the time to learn about these players that have shaped – and are still shaping, in many cases – the procurement marketplace.

There are several large firms in the Top 50 to Know because many of them have been around for quite some time, expanding as a result of their success in the market. But look for a number of boutique providers that have already make themselves an invaluable part of the overall landscape. Regardless of size or scale, everyone on this list deserves to be there.

It’s important to note that the 50/50 is not a ranked list. We cover vendor shortlists in given technology, solutions and services areas elsewhere. For example, our members have access to our customer shortlists and provider recommendations for eProcurement, e-invoicing, and supplier networks.

Please note the 50/50 is not a “nominated” list. It was shaped and ultimately decided by the Spend Matters expert team: Pierre Mitchell (Chief Research Officer and Managing Director), Thomas Kase (VP of Research), Peter Smith (Managing Director, Spend Matters UK/Europe), Sheena Moore (Director), and Jason Busch (Group Managing Director). Knowing the long hours ahead of debate necessary to arrive at the right set of providers, one of Jason’s best friends from university parachuted in an old-fashioned pick-me-up from his esteemed, personal collection that we can’t say the surgeon general recommends. Partial credit must also be given to imbibing copious amounts of Big Flats, which helped shape the debate (and hangovers) during the arduous selection process.

On a more serious note, it was critical to us to make the 50/50 both approachable and something of substance. We collectively think there’s a real racket in the list and awards business that says nothing about whether or not a provider deserves a closer look on a pragmatic and intellectual basis. As such, there’s no cost to “winning.” Who needs another cheesy paperweight engraved with SMAT50 (that would be “Spend Matters Almanac Top 50”) or a sales pitch to sponsor an awards dinner with gross wine and awkward small talk?

You don’t have to give us a thing. In fact, we’re giving everyone who was chosen to be a part of the 50/50 lists a free upgrade (a $499 value) in our new, curated provider directory, Spend Matters Almanac (launching next week). 50/50 members have received an email with instructions for how to submit their listings.

We fully anticipate that the Spend Matters 50/50 list will change significantly from year to year, especially the Top 50 to Watch list. If you’re not included this year and think you should be, please contact us and let us know why. We’re happy to give you full consideration next year.

Now, for the exciting part. Here are the 2014 Top 50 Providers to Know:

A.T. Kearney
ADR International
CAPS Research
Corporate United
Dun & Bradstreet
Emptoris (IBM)
ISG/Spend HQ
Procurement Leaders
The Smart Cube
Sourcing Interests Group
The Hackett Group
Trade Extensions
Triple Point Technology

Inclusion in the 2014 50 to Know is meant to indicate to a procurement practitioner, advisor, or consultant that a company is worth knowing or taking a look at. The 50 to Know is not a ranked list. We cover vendor shortlists in given technology, solutions, and service areas in Spend Matters PRO.

Also see: 50 Providers to Watch

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Voices (4)

  1. Linda Michels:

    Thank you for including both ISM and ADR on this list. Looking forward to more great lists and articles.

  2. Brendan O'Connell:

    And I was so looking forward to a paperweight! Congratulations on your excellent list and thanks for including Thomasnet. Best of luck with your new Spend Matters Almanac.

  3. kris colby:

    What about an awards dinner with good wine and scintillating small talk? I’ve never been to one of those…

    1. Kim Lunte:

      Kris… *smh*

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