Spend Matters 50/50: B-Pack – A Provider to Watch

For us, b-pack is a very interesting case and their getting the nod on the list should be proof that above all, marketing and personal friendships matter little at the end of the day.


I’ve personally had it out with b-pack over a number of things that I won’t get into here—things that had nothing to do with the company or product. Think more mixed messages and lost in translation type of stuff. The bottom line: if you truly wow us with what you have and you can prove it’s real, regardless of whether or not we all want to sing kumbaya together, you’ll make the 50/50 eventually. We promise.

Now on to b-pack’s solution – I personally think their marketing somewhat misses the boat on what they’re good at relative to the vast sea of P2P competitors. Which in this case is delivering an extremely configurable, end-to-end procurement suite built on a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) model with deep integration into complex third-party system environments. And did we mention b-pack excels in highly complex, global cross-border environments?

B-pack’s marketing won’t tell you that. You need to get into the product and architecture to understand what the heck separates them out from the crowd. After you do, you’ll realize that there are very few providers who can approach what b-pack does on a SaaS basis. Now don’t get us wrong – b-pack is not perfect (we’re not huge fans of the front-line user interface for typical activities, but it’s no worse than the biggest player in the space).

Still, for global companies of all sizes wanting a source-to-pay environment built on a single data model that’s capable of crossing divisions, borders, policies, currencies, policies, systems, suppliers, and supplier masters – with different rules, workflows, integration requirements, data control/privacy protocols, etc. for different stakeholders, users, and groups – b-pack should be at the top of any shortlist. What they’ve built is more than impressive.

50 to Watch

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