Rage Frameworks Explored: Redefining Supply Risk as a Spend Matters 50/50 Provider [Plus+]

Earlier today, we published a quick analysis of Rage Frameworks, a provider in the Spend Matters “50 to Watch” List for 2014. But Rage is no simple beast – nor is our including them in the Spend Matters 50/50 list simply a flag to “watch this provider.” Indeed, Rage has a tremendous amount to teach us about where the intersection of procurement and semantic analysis, predictive analytics, and third-party risk intelligence is headed. In fact, even if you never use Rage, we highly suspect their DNA will end up a part of solutions you ultimately use to model and predict supply risk by making sense of unstructured information sets down the road. Today, we answer a few additional questions about Rage for organizations looking to get smart on supply risk management and next-generation approaches for the application of big data to procurement and supplier management – including the use of all of the unstructured information being generated by the terabyte around us everyday.

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