Join Five Members of the Spend Matters Team at ISM’s 99th Annual Event

Spend Matters will be out in full force at ISM’s 99th Annual International Supply Management Conference. This year it’s taking place May 5-7 in Las Vegas. We’re stoked for the event but won’t tell you which hotel we’re staying at (hint, someone vetoed the conference hotel much to my cheap chagrin). More important, five members of the team are coming: Sheena Moore (Director of Client Engagement), Lisa Reisman (CEO), Thomas Kase (VP of Research) Pierre Mitchell (Managing Director and Chief Research Officer), and Jason Busch (Group Managing Director and Founder).

Three of us are presenting this year. Sheena Moore is co-presenting in the session “From Wikis to White Papers: Brand Yourself by Leveraging Social Media and Other Resources.” Sheena is the content queen in all of procurement. At Spend Matters, as Director of Client Engagement (and our original editor), she has overseen the publication of roughly 3-5 research briefs, dozens of blog posts, and an average of two webinars each week. She’s had a hand in much of the content development and is very much the voice of Spend Matters (if there is one voice).

Lisa Reisman is presenting in a session titled “Using Macroeconomic Indicators to Drive Procurement Decision-Making.” Sounds scintillating, right? No word yet on whether or not she’s going to get some Las Vegas Hotel showgirls to try on her economic models. Lisa’s talk will include a case study of how one manufacturing company “codifies and systematically analyzes a range of internal and external economic indicators to drive sales, demand planning and forecasting, and strategic decision-making.” She’ll also discuss leading versus lagging indicators as well as methods of conducting underlying commodity forecasting.

Forecasting is a major initiative for us at Spend Matters and MetalMiner this year. We use a combination of technical analysis and statistical regressions to predict prices and market behavior. Lisa will be sharing some of our techniques and general best practices for incorporating these approaches into commodity risk management and forecasting strategies.

Lastly, I’ll be presenting in the “Big Data, Analytics” track with a presentation titled “Spend Analysis Meets Big Data: A Checklist for New Procurement Analytics.” During the talk, I plan to cover the emerging world of procurement analytics and how the sector has moved past basic spend visibility and P2P reporting and analytics. I’ll get into new analytical approaches and predictive modeling (including the application of forecasting to budgeting and planning). But I’ll also zero in on next-generation spend analytics techniques and some of the providers that can offer them.

Since we’ll all be at the show, do drop us a line if you’d like to say hello. We’re getting Thomas a new pair of leisure shoes to walk the vendor floor. He’ll be right at home with Liberace, who, according to Wikipedia, “headline the [LVH] showroom during the 1970s drawing sold-out crowds twice per night.” So say hi to Thomas if you see him and report back to us (especially by Monday night) if his shoes are still looking new. We might need to adjust how many chips we give him to gamble away on Tuesday if we think he’s kicking his feet up.

In the coming days, we’ll provide some more details on our sessions as well. We’re incredibly exciting to be showing up in full force to the annual event with our partner, ISM. The voice of the procurement and supply management profession is beginning to look very different from what it used to be, including investing more in new types of research, partnering outside of CAPs on the benchmarking front (re: A.T. Kearney and ROSMA – see links to our analysis below) and becoming more relevant outside of just core purchasing activities (e.g., expanding its charter into direct procurement / supply chain, finance, and related areas).

Our bottom line: if you’ve not checked out ISM recently, it’s time to do so. This is not your father’s NAPM.

See you in Vegas!

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