Overstressed Aerospace Supply Chain, Oracle Gains Disappoint, Toyota Reaches $1.2B Settlement

The chief executive of Air Lease Corp, a major plane buyer, expressed concern that Boeing and Airbus are over-stressing the aerospace supply chain in their acceleration of plane production.

Oracle’s third-quarter gains in sales trail that of competitors such as Salesforce.com and SAP.

Taulia is continuing its Million Dollar Guarantee program for 2014, promising customers that they can save $1 million within one year of dynamic discounting implementation.

Toyota has reached a $1.2 billion settlement with the Department of Justice over a criminal probe of sudden unintended acceleration that led to more than 10 million recalled vehicles.

Starting next week, federal contractors – a group that includes Boeing, Dell, AT&T, and many others – will be required to ask their employees if they have a disability. This is part of the Labor Department’s goal to narrow the gap between the employment rates of disabled and nondisabled workers.

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