Spend Matters 50/50: Bureau van Dijk – A Provider to Watch

Bureau van Dijk is an upstart in the content and data enrichment business. BvD is a smaller organization than D&B – but it's one with as much or more content. It delivers global visibility on suppliers – not just North America – with financials, ownership structure, news feeds from various sources, and company-specific content from ERP. This includes insights into both publicly and privately held companies, including ownership positions by investors, subsidiaries, and parent organizations.


As an aggregator of global company content, BvD incorporates content from numerous third-party content providers – examples include D&B, D&B TSR, World’Vest Base, Creditreform Germany, CIBI Information, and NICE. The downside is that this model can make it hard for them to resell data (i.e., have it consumed outside their solution interface).

BvD has several product lines: Zephyr (economic market data), Amadeus, Orbis, Oriana, Osiris (company information) and vertical specific product packaged as “Catalysts” – including their Procurement Catalyst. BvD’s value to procurement practitioners lies in compliance, risk assessment and onboarding-related activities – but can be used in a more strategic supplier assessment activity as well.

One of our favorite things about BvD is the transparency they provide users. Unlike other providers of content, BvD reveals their sources and shows the source data – without proprietary algorithms that can make it hard to relate to the metrics. This can allow the savvy user to create their own analytics and predictive analysis based on underlying primary data and reporting.

As an aggregator – and especially if you need to consume a lot of data – BvD’s pricing can be higher than what you could get by negotiating directly with the third-party content providers. At the same time, it is unlikely that you can negotiate as favorable a deal with all BvD’s content partners, so the overall situation might look more favorable by going through BvD.

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