The Definitive Procurement Service Provider Directory: Spend Matters Almanac

Well, it took two years, the Spend Matters team more than tripling in size, some fist fighting and a black eye lots of vigorous, friendly debate, our fair share of brews (and a nip of whiskey here and there), a very talented CTO, months of testing, some frustrated self-pity tears, Twitter wars, taking ourselves to creative realms we’ve never explored before, and a dash of the silent treatment, but: Spend Matters Almanac is here.

Here's the memo from our marketing department: Spend Matters Almanac is a categorized online directory of organizations that serve the procurement and supply chain market. Curated by Spend Matters editors and analysts, the Spend Matters Almanac is from our heart and our pen – it represents what we would want to have if we were in the shoes of procurement, finance and supply chain organizations attempting to make sense of all the offerings available in the market today. It spans: software firms, outsourcers, data providers, research firms, consultants, and similar organizations.

You asked for this. We loved creating it.

We realize there are other procurement “supplier directories” out there. Of course there are. But here’s how this one is different:

  • It is called an Almanac (so much warmer, richer, and all-encompassing than a cold, boring directory). Much as Benjamin Franklin did with his Almanac, we’ve peppered our personality and ideas throughout (including giving free expanded listings to providers that we think everyone should be in the know about)
  • Spend Matters Almanac is actively curated by the Spend Matters team – we plan to use it ourselves, so it better be good! As such, it applies a set of “human eyes” to each entry and moderates content prior to inclusion
  • It applies a Spend Matters taxonomy structure to organize providers – versus a laundry list someone cut and pasted from Procurement 101 on Google
  • It links all (Free, Basic, and Premium) providers to recent Spend Matters coverage
  • (For providers) Spend Matters Almanac lets you own and manage your own listing content so it’s always current (taking a lesson from supplier self-service capability in P2P and supplier management)
  • As an option, it enables providers to showcase specifically what sets themselves apart from a simple classified-like entry …
  • … But, it still offers a “free” level of participation (i.e., it does not require providers to fork over dollars in exchange for a basic listing)
  • Spend Matters Almanac provides greater insight into the Spend Matters 50/50 (see Providers to Know and Providers to Watch)
  • It is open and fully integrated with the Spend Matters Network experience
  • For providers, it gets the most eyeballs on your product/solution (humble brag time: Spend Matters Network has over 5 million page-views per year, and has been increasing at 10% a month recently). Well over 100,000 unique visitors visit our network each month.

Provider entries in the Spend Matters Almanac are segmented into the following categories:

Please note that the initial release of the Spend Matters Almanac will change considerably in the coming hours, days, and weeks as an increasing number of providers insert and update their information and listings (including the Spend Matters 50/50, which have been given a free “upgraded” listing).

If you’re a procurement services provider, please note that all Almanac listings (free and paid) are moderated for content and approved prior to inclusion. If you’re not listed or want to update your information, it’s important to keep in mind that companies need to be Spend Matters members before doing so (a free membership level is fine). If you aren’t a Spend Matters member, please select a plan and register for a premium account or register for a free subscriber accountThen you can complete your Almanac registration process.

Please note that a lot of time, effort, and love went into creating this long overdue resource. Yes, there will be bugs. No, it’s not perfect. But we’re pretty darn proud of Version 1.0. Please bear with us through the product launch process and as always, we’re thrilled to receive feedback and suggestions.

As our inspiration for using the Almanac label, Benjamin Franklin once said in Poor Richard’s Almanac: “There are three faithful friends, an old wife, an old dog, and ready money.”

Go forth and save some! Benjamin Franklins that is. But don't kick the dog (or the wife).

Now, take me to Spend Matters Almanac or, if you’re a provider, now go submit your entry!

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