New Webinar! Trends in Spend Management: Configuration vs. Customization

Cloud-based, SaaS solutions have mostly been high-level approximations of what companies want, but things are changing.

We’re holding a big webinar on Wednesday, April 16, from 12 to 1 pm CDT, titled Trends in Spend Management: Configuration vs. Customization. Paul Noel of Ivalua and Steve Huston of HAVI Global Solutions (HGS) will both be joining us. Pierre Mitchell will first give a brief introduction on mass customization from an analyst’s viewpoint, before handing things off to Paul and Steve.

Paul will explain how a flexible platform of functionality makes it possible to bring the “cloud” down to earth where specific solutions for specific industries and companies can be built. And Steve will talk about how Ivalua has helped HGS’s clients put key sourcing and supply chain management functionality in one place for the Food Services industry.

You can register here!

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