Goodbye Readers, this Assistant Editor is Moving to Azerbaijan

This past Friday was my last day at Spend Matters. I started out as an editorial intern back in January 2013 and was hired full-time as an assistant editor over the summer. For months now I’ve been contemplating a move to Azerbaijan. The country is located in the Caucasus, a “land of astonishing natural beauty and a dizzying array of ancient cultures,” where “mountains rise at the intersection of Europe, Russia, and the Middle East” (The Ghost of Freedom: A History of the Caucasus, Oxford University Press). In the end, those mountains beckoned.

The skeptical among you might be thinking, Ha, you can’t fool me, today’s April first! But no, I really am moving to Azerbaijan. I’m moving this Thursday, scout’s honor. I’m set to arrive in Baku Friday evening, after a layover in Frankfurt. Then I’ll probably move to the countryside to bask in the Caspian breeze, but I’ve not planned that far ahead yet.

April Fool’s! No, only that last sentence is an April Fool’s joke. The sentence preceding this one is not an April Fool’s joke.

(Taking advantage of the ensuing confusion, assistant editor slips out.)

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