Largest Chinese ERP Provider Eschews Services Procurement

In the wake of SAP’s announced acquisition of Fieldglass, and the importance that the management and procurement of services is gaining within Western organizations, Great Wall Systems (GWS), China’s largest ERP company, today announced that it will focus future development for its next generation platform-as-a-service (PaaS) ERP, MRP and business applications stack entirely on materials management.  According to Spend Matters research, Great Wall Systems is the fastest growing ERP provider among state owned enterprises in China.

GWS spokesman, Sum Tien Wong, told Spend Matters in an exclusive interview earlier today that “The future of low cost labor and services, in general, is greatly overplayed. Production and manufacturing is what makes the world go round. Labor is merely a nuisance – which is why my own comrades in industry are turning to Vietnam and Burma to tap even lower cost labor.”

An unnamed elder statesmen residing outside China for “health reasons” commented that “the development of the industrial proletariat is conditioned by the development of the industrial bourgeoisie and that every class struggle is a political struggle which in this case will manifest in a worsening of the existing struggle of the rural and the urban proletariat against the whole of bourgeoisie society in modern China” – strong words from the old ramparts!

Great Wall’s sister state owned company and largest customer, Xiao Kin Industries, has already embraced GWS’ commitment to industrial production and automation. Wang Yang, also a member of the Politburo, and CEO of Xiao King, remarked, “The future of China is through innovation and robotic production and we applaud GWS for recognizing the declining importance of industrial labor.”

Yang further suggestion that “The People’s Republic will become an automated center of intellectual property development and production. In the manufacturing process, people only have the potential to introduce defect rates and pose great safety risks for our equipment.”

Great Wall has noted that in future releases of Red Soft, its flagship cloud ERP, service entry sheet capability, contingent workforce management and complex services categories procurement will be eliminated entirely.  No APIs will be supported in these areas.

A political party member suggests to Spend Matters that with no need for further manual labor, China no longer has to worry about meeting any emissions standards goals “since machines don’t need to breathe” – in some ways an ingenious move, but nonetheless controversial.

As with previous releases Red Soft product releases, all internal newsfeeds integrated into user workflow will be filtered via The Great Firewall, with a pre-matching and validation network service designed to route offending material back to the original host on the public Internet before it even reaches the desktop of users.

Red Soft Release 4.1 is available for immediate use on April First only.

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