Withdrawn: Spend Matters Announces “50 Products and Vendors To Avoid” List

Chicago IL – 1 April 2014

Spend Matters is excited to announce its latest addition to its 50/50 lists (see Providers to Know and Providers to Watch), “50 Providers to Avoid.”

“After much determination and debate,” said Jason Busch, Managing Director, Spend Matters, “we have decided to publish a list of providers and products that companies should simply avoid in the procurement and supply chain sectors.”

The Spend Matters research team notes: “we know who they are – they drop the ball on implementations, they don’t keep meeting notes, nor do they ever share agendas, features are confused with benefits, roadmaps are kept secret and certainly not adhered to – these companies are easily recognized by their intentional and extensive use of sesquipedalian terminology devoid of cogency in order to camouflage their subterfuge.”

Jason adds: “Enterprise software has a long history of whiffs and punts at the plate and it’s about time someone puts a stake in the ground; warning users of providers who can’t get the job done, so help them.”

While the full list will be unveiled later in the day on April 1st, it has been rumored that Microsoft Excel has earned a spot on the list for a lifetime of negative accomplishments: infamously crippling solution adoption, confusing users, holding back progress, and in general crashing when users least expect it, preferably right before deadlines.

The Excel inclusion marks a stunningly negative turn of evaluations from previous research suggesting that “The only statistically significant correlation [for best in class procurement performance] is that for those organizations using Microsoft Excel extensively, as measured by ‘at least five open worksheets, on average, per-desktop, within procurement and supply chain, at a single time,’ world class performance is all but assured based on our sample — with a .92 R2 value (e.g. degree of correlation).”

The providers on the list can expect a rotten tomato in the mail at the end of this year’s tomato season (we're planting our non-GMO seeds on April 1st only) – not only are we critics, we are cheap!


Jason Busch


Ph: +773 525 7406


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  1. Bob:

    Great idea! Can’t wait to see it, but I am sure you will take some heat for it.

  2. MarkFuturePurchasing:

    About time someone compiled this list. Maybe you should do it every year on this date!

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