Coupa and DocuSign: A Critical Partnership that Bodes Well for Finance, Legal, and Procurement [Plus+]

Coupa announced today that it is partnering with DocuSign to provide integrated digital signing capability with its own set of applications. For customers, this partnership is perhaps the most pragmatic announcement to come out of Coupa Inspire 2014 and is important on many levels for finance, legal, procurement, and supplier collaboration. The integration of digital signatures with source-to-pay suites may seem to be a simple “nice-to-have” for procurement, finance, and legal organizations. But looking ahead, especially as contract management becomes more integrated with standard buying, approvals, invoicing, and compliance workflow in an automated and straight-through-processing (ideally) manner, digital signing will become even more integral to source-to-pay than it currently is. Read on for our analysis of the partnership, its implications, and customer recommendations.

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