Coupa Inspire: Unveiling Release 11 and a Quick Company Update

Earlier today, Coupa announced its latest release, Coupa 11, which includes many small updates and select significant enhancements and entirely new capabilities (included an integrated inventory management which will be generally available during the summer). The release is being rolled out to 423 customers in 20 languages (across 154 countries and 148 currencies, according to the latest facts that Rob Bernshteyn, Coupa’s CEO, shared on stage yesterday).

I’m currently sitting in on VP of Product Management Raja Hammoud’s morning keynote on the release. Spend Matters will be providing a much more detailed update and analysis on the release for our PRO members next week after we’ve had the chance to sort through some of its new components, but it’s clear Coupa is still set on a modular, integrated solution approach (rather than a SOA-driven integration model or a platform-as-a-service core).

Raja Hammoud speaks at Coupa Inspire.

Raja Hammoud speaks at Coupa Inspire.

Raja framed the evolution of Coupa’s modules and capabilities as follows:

Procurement – 2007

CSN, receiving, reporting – 2008

Benchmarking, mobile – 2009

Expense management – 2010

Analytics – 2011

Advanced contracts / invoicing – 20212

Sourcing, native mobile aps – 2013

In many ways, in continuing to build out a modular suite built on a single data model, Coupa is following a proven SaaS strategic plan straight out of Workday’s business plan rather than a more network or platform-driven model. This is not a bad thing – but it is conservative.

Still, you can’t argue with the latest numbers on the Coupa platform:

  • 10+ API Calls / sec (Spend Matters expect this to increase eventually on a log scale as integration becomes more important to organizations)
  • 500,000+ daily transactions
  • $5 billion in monthly spend – “expected to be $7 billion in a couple of months”
  • Over 1 million suppliers

Raja also noted that companies are starting to capture spend for marketing, events conferences, advertising, health insurance, T&E, and gift cards through Coupa. In perhaps the most strategic “buy” scenario, “company acquisitions are being routed through spend forms in Coupa,” an example that Raja shared.

Further coverage and analysis of Coupa 11 to come. 

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