See Jason Busch and Kevin Brooks Reenact the Founding of Spend Matters

The photo below, featuring Kevin Brooks (now Chief Marketing Officer at FoodLink), Jason Busch, two glasses of beer, and two ordinary napkins, is not a perfect reenactment of the founding of this blog, but it comes pretty close. As the story goes, Jason and Kevin came up with the idea of Spend Matters over drinks, and Kevin had Jason write down the idea on a cocktail napkin.

Jason invites you all to guess the beer.


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  1. Michael Schmitt:

    Hey Kevin, I remember the business case you made at Ariba to allocate the funds to the project, we got a great return on our investment that helped to create a new market category.

  2. Pierre:

    THAT is no ordinary beer however. It is Pliney the Elder – and I am jealous (I pray for Heady Topper to come down to Boston from Vermont other than in the trunk of friends’ cars). And those are not two ordinary gentlemen. Two Renaissance men like Pliney himself!

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