How to Pick Things: From Curry Restaurants to Provider Directories

Spend Matters UK/Europe editor Nancy Clinton recently gave a good piece of advice applicable to a wide range of situations that involve choosing among A, B, C, and D. Take for example the chicken curry. “When you go out for a curry and the waiter is actually from Bangladesh… you know it’s going to be good,” writes Nancy. The same goes for when “you go to a Cantonese restaurant and find Chinese people eating there.”

And the rule applies to provider directories. Before we launched the Spend Matters Almanac, we couldn’t find a directory that we would want to use ourselves. You can do an Internet search and find a directory, but as Nancy put it, “the Spend Matters Almanac is not to be tarred with the same brush as a Google-generated laundry list of the top suppliers; it is a humanly considered set of software firms, outsourcers, data providers research firms, consultants, and similar organisations that we believe deserve to be on the list."

Here are more reasons, courtesy of Nancy, why the Almanac should have a place in your decision-making:

  • It structures providers according to a Spend Matters taxonomy, helping you compare like with like.
  • It links all (Free, Basic, and Premium) providers to recent Spend Matters coverage so you can see what we think about the providers.
  • It lets providers own and manage their own listings, so content is always up to date.
  • It enables providers to showcase specifically the attributes that set them apart, unlike in a simple classified entry.
  • It offers a ‘free’ level of participation, whereas standard directories can charge a fortune for a basic listing.
  • It provides greater insight into the Spend Matters 50/50 Providers to Know and Providers to Watch) –  two lists each containing our choice of 50 key solution providers connected to the procurement world.

And here are the Almanac categories:

If you’re a provider and would like to be included in the Almanac, you can submit your listing here. Please note that we require a Spend Matters membership (free, Plus, or PRO).

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