Spend Matters 50/50: BravoSolution – A Provider to Know

Many providers focused on purchase-to-pay or supplier network connectivity tend to dismiss the stuff that occurs before (or after) the transaction as less important. But nothing could be further from the truth. Sourcing, spend analytics, and supplier management (including supplier performance management) are fractal in the level with which they scale in complexity – something the most advanced procurement teams have learned which take advantage of differentiated analytics and sourcing capabilities.

The success of BravoSolution in both the private and public sectors (in Europe) is due to specializing in the strategic side of procurement (rather than transactional support and connectivity).


BravoSolution is not just about SaaS software. Yes, they’ll sell you just the tools if you want, including individual or complete components of both their XE and ESoP platforms. But what really completes the package is their surrounding support inclusive of software and optional services in such areas as spend classification, category insights, supplier training, changed management, tactical and advanced sourcing support, as well as solutions that are highly category-specific (e.g., packaging, logistics, MRO) and industry-specific (e.g., healthcare).

They’re also one of the last remaining independent sourcing solution providers with any significant scale (e.g., they could be a publicly traded company based on their revenues). They’re also truly global, with significant activities and revenue coming from throughout Europe and now the Middle East as well. Strong support for public sector in Europe also helps them stand out amidst a crowded list of providers in this sector.

For strategic procurement activities, BravoSolution is firmly embedded as one of the top solutions providers in the sector. Bravo's significant product depth, including their ability to capture and analyze massively complex bid structures for specialized categories and then put sourcing award decisions in the context of the broader contract and supplier engagement lifecycle through a workbench including granular reporting and analytics, helps them stand out from the crowd.

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