An Interview with Kyle Fitzsimmons, the New Spend Matters Network Marketing Manager

Spend Matters and MetalMiner were badly in need of a full-time marketing manager for a while, but never really looked for one. Then one materialized. Via Craigslist. I am leaving out a number of details here, but the abridged version is frankly more interesting. The marketing manager in question is one Kyle Fitzsimmons, who started a couple weeks ago and has already created uniform email signatures for the company.


Kyle, photographed in front of some decorative plants

Aside from a Bachelor’s degree in journalism, Kyle also completed a minor in English literature, hence the question below about his favorite author. Otherwise, you’ll find the interview quite standard and only politely probing.

Spend Matters: What is your background?

Kyle Fitzsimmons: I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in journalism from Central Michigan University in 2008, and what with print being dead and all, transitioned into web copywriting, content marketing and freelance reporting for various publications.

SM: You’ve already created standardized email signatures for the whole company. What’s coming next? Any ambitious long-term plans?

KF: Absolutely. The next major project will be formalizing the bio pages on all Spend Matters Network sites. Ongoing will be a series of email marketing campaigns targeting various Spend Matters Network demographics, and generally working to move our expansive network of sites under the SMN umbrella.

SM: Have you ever held any odd jobs?

KF: I was valet for one day at the Omni Hotel downtown. That first day I made great tips, really enjoyed working with everyone, and even heard stories about how Oprah has an office in the building. Then I came home to a job offer for a copywriting position and had to take it, thus ending my brief but very fun foray in the penguin uniform industry.

SM: Favorite author?

KF: If I had to pick one it'd be Cormac McCarthy. If I had to pick two more they'd be Ernest Hemingway and Hunter S. Thompson. If I had to pick not an old or dead white man it'd be Flannery O'Connor.

SM: Favorite beer?

KF: Anything Bell's or Founders. I'm loyal to the Michigan microbrew.

SM: Favorite thing to procure on a regular basis?

KF: Puppies, obviously.

SM: Most noteworthy athletic accomplishment?

KF: Bowling a 124 on July 18, 2007 as a member of our college bowling team. Either that or a hat trick or something from playing hockey as a youth.

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