Touching Down at Elemica Reveal – Supply Chain Meets Procurement

It’s been a busy week of conference travel. After coming back from ISM late yesterday afternoon and seeing some friends and clients at the Cubs game, I flew out early this morning to Philadelphia to attend Elemica’s Reveal conference. Elemica has morphed over the years from marketplace to applications provider (with both its own and third-party technology). Looking ahead, it’s moving into the platform-as-a-service market as well, hoping to become a next generation EDI and supplier network alternative that puts connectivity and collaboration at the core and builds a next generation of applications off of the layer that exists in between supply chain participants.

Today, Elemica is not well known outside its core markets and many of the energy and process industry customers it has worked with over the years. These include Dow Chemical, Roquette, Good Year, Yokohama, Rhodia, Michelin, and Shell. For these customers, Elemica delivers a set of shared service solutions that grew out of the first wave of initial investment in the original marketplace area. Yet Elemica is branching out with its own technology developments, and we hope becomes as well known as E2open, GXS, and others by successfully combining both supplier/buyer connectivity and applications that span direct (and indirect) spend enablement.

Sourcing is a curious example for Elemica — and representative of the various sets of IP they’ve licensed or developed internally. Elemica have an agreement with Ariba to resell their sourcing capabilities, adding on (for customers who want it) a full set of sourcing services to the core RFX and auction capability at quite attractive price points overall. But Elemica has also developed its own sourcing optimization capability concerning logistics (which could be used for other areas as well) that could no doubt be a general competitor to Trade Extensions, SciQuest, BravoSolution, Iasta, and others – should it choose to branch out from its process industry core.

More event dispatches to come. 

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