AmazonSupply: The Supplier/Merchant Experience Shows Why Grainger Should be Worried [Plus+]

After some recent conversations with people who have experienced the merchant (supplier) side of Amazon in a B2B setting, it’s clear that the intermediary and distributor is becoming a partner and customer of choice for many of its suppliers, compared with incumbents such as Grainger. There are a number of reasons for this, much of it centered on the AmazonSupply vision that treats the B2B supplier as a customer – to enable them to sell more effectively through a leveraged, information-driven model. In this Spend Matters Plus analysis, Group Managing Director Jason Busch explores one area where AmazonSupply is differentiating itself compared with other MRO providers and industrial distributors through the visibility and analytics it provides to suppliers — and how this should have Grainger, Ariba, SAP and others worried. Not a Spend Matters Plus subscriber? Sign up for a free 14-day trial at registration.

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