Get to Know Nancy Clinton, the New Editor at Spend Matters UK/Europe

Spend Matters UK/Europe got itself a new editor back in mid-March. After some two years of cajoling from Peter Smith, Nancy Clinton has agreed to join the team and is now writing and editing for the blog and helping with social media. Nancy has some serious editorial credentials. After receiving her degree in linguistics, she spent two years as editor of the magazine of the Institute of Quality Assurance, which promotes quality standards throughout British industry and advises those aiming to achieve ISO 9000/BS 5750. Nancy was also the editor of the monthly magazine of their affiliate body, The British Quality Association.

She has worked as an editor and proofreader for Dataquest Europe Ltd, then part of the Dun & Bradstreet Group, and later on became Gartner’s Head of Publishing EMEA. She and Peter met at Dun & Bradstreet and bonded over music preferences and being, in Peter’s words, two of the more “competitive members of the office softball team.”

I told Nancy that I wanted to publish a welcome post for her on the US site but did not ask any specific questions, and she came back with the following.

On her countryside upbringing:

“I was brought up in a small, very rural village in Lincolnshire, called Easton on the Hill, which is pretty much midlands or Middle Earth as it often gets referred to!”

More on that Middle Earth bit:

“Yes, [Easton on the Hill] is on a hill, so some people have been known to refer to me as a hobbit. But there the similarity ends. I don't have big hairy feet, although, having spent a few years at college in the North of England, I have developed a taste for a good pint of ale. Preferably Robinsons.”

And a quick history lesson:

“A small coincidence is that the village is home to the HQ of CIPS! I remember the house when it was owned by two old spinsters who baked fine mince pies and fed them to us when we used to go carol singing there as children.”

On athletic achievements:

“I have two very sporty daughters - both sprinters and one until very recently a competitive swimmer. As a family we like to surf -- I'm the least able of the pack. We trek off down to Croyde Bay on the north coast of Devon – yes, the Atlantic – and it's freezing. But my 4/3 mm full body Tiki Surf sealed seam wetsuit soon sorts that out. None of that California warm sun wimpy stuff for us Brits. My board is a Malibu, a very traditional California style longboard. And my claim to surfer intrepidness or stupidity is that we have been surfing off the south coast of Cornwall in February – the coldest part of the year for the Channel. Every wave felt like we were being smashed over the head with a brick.”

On claim to writing fame:

“When I was a teenager I wrote the first ever music review for Billy Bragg when he was in a band called 1926, which appeared in the local rag known as the Monkey's Face –but that's another story. And I still have the thank you card he sent me.”

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    Welcome Nancy!

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