Where is Orbian Now?

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Orbian was one of the first companies to really start the ball rolling with supply chain finance. It was conceived and developed in the late 1990’s as a joint venture between SAP and Citibank and became independent a few years later. Orbian’s sole focus is to provide a supply chain finance working capital solution for corporates. Orbian’s SCF model was built to provide an agnostic funding model to large corporations and their suppliers, in essence eliminating the dependency on single bank funded programs. Their stated objective is to create the lowest cost, greatest capacity and greatest security of liquidity upon which the buyer’s working capital goals can be achieved.

Orbian successfully launched the first proprietary U.S. Capital Markets funding program in 2004 through the Orbian Special Purpose Entity (SPE). Each buyer program is funded through a separate Orbian SPE, which, in turn, fund themselves through the issuance of notes (cleared through DTCC or Euroclear) and sold to banks and investors. Suppliers are never exposed to individual funders. At the moment, the vast majority of funding comes from Banks or Corporates themselves buying Orbian notes at Libor plus.

So how are they doing 15 years later? Orbian currently has around 35 programs running, including Fortune 1000 clients such as Autozone, General Mills, Osram (a division of Siemens), and Siemens. Orbian services more than 4,000 customers in 53 countries and 16 different currencies. Probably their biggest client is Siemens Financial Services. Siemens enables their suppliers in China to access RMB financing. There are two types of accounts a supplier can choose to sell his receivables.

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