Tungsten/OB10 Releases Networked, Invoice-Based Spend Analytics: Impressions and Implications [PRO]

Earlier in the month, Spend Matters had the chance to catch up with the team behind Tungsten Network’s new spend analytics offering (note, OB10 is now Tungsten Network). The solution is quite different from just about any other approach to spend analysis in the market today. It’s not perfect and it’s not a full replacement for other spend analysis tools – yet. But it very well could be the future of how procurement and finance organizations together look at spend and supplier analytics on a near real-time basis using network data exhaust rather than taking an ETL- or batch-based approach to manually extracting data from systems (in the case of Tungsten, network data is updated hourly). Moreover, the model could prove initially to be a complement to other solution approaches while ultimately upsetting the entire analytics apple cart based on a different philosophy and approach to actively capturing highly granular line-level invoice information. Jason Busch, Managing Director of Spend Matters, covers Tungsten analytics for PRO subscribers and provides a list of recommendations to potential customers.

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